Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Crafty Cup Sleeves

          To make this stylish Jacket for your everyday Starbucks trip you're gonna need a cardboard cup sleeve (Free! You can get one at any Starbucks, Caribou, or Latte Land), any pattern of duck tape (You can find printed duck tape at Walmart, any craft stores,  or any hardware stores for 5 bucks or less. the Chevron printed tape I have I got at Walmart for 2 dollars and 49 cents), and scissors. 
         First, place your duck tape on your cup sleeve wrapping the end underneath onto the other side of the cup sleeve. Make sure the tape is on vertically.
       Then cut the duck tape about a centimeter away from the top of the sleeve so that u can press down the top edge.
     Press down the excess duck tape tightly underneath. By the way you should be putting the tape on the side with the logo that doesn't touch the cup when it is on.
      Your cup jacket should look like this so far! If not reread the previous steps.Then put you next row of tape on the same way as above lining up with the fist row. Repeat steps above until the sleeve is completely covered in tape. 
       Your cup sleeve should look somewhat like this! Hope you enjoy it and if this was difficult for you please write me a comment and I will try to make this easier! Thank you for reading!

    Now your ready to go! Head out to your favorite coffee place to try it out. For your information different coffee places might have different sizes of sleeves. I recommend using the same coffee sleeve as the coffee place. For example use the Starbucks coffee sleeve for your Starbucks drink. I love you guys and hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Three Steps to Success when it comes to Painting Trim

Painting trim is a Pain! I know because I have! So I'll give you some easy steps to succsess!
1. Sand all your trim before you start painting. You can use regular sand paper, sanding blocks, or other sanding materials. Make sure you get in all the crevices!
2. Use de-glosser! You can find this at Lowes, Home Depot, or any other hardware store. Put the deglosser straight on the trim that's already been sanded.
3. Add Floe-Trol to your paint before putting it on! Floe-Trol comes in an orange bottle and you can also find it at most hardware stores.
    Once you have done all these things you are ready to paint! Good luck and comment at the bottom to tell me how it worked!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dance Outfit

   Sorry the picture is small! I wanted to show you what I wore to my first day of tap and jazz! The tu tu is actually part of my ballet costume from when I was six and so I put it on and pulled some shorts on underneath and ta da! I was ready for dance! I think it's super cute and super hip. Well, wish me good luck in my third year of dancing!

P.s. I'm also doind hip hop, and ballet!

Love you guys,

Make You Feel My Love bu Adele!

   Yep that's me again! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starting, loving, Running

      Hey fellow bloggers I wanted to let u in on a super secret! Running! "Oh well I walk my dog everyday" That is no excuse! Running is so much better for you and you'll burn twice the calories!!! So join on in with the running schedule! I've posted a picture of the schedule above! You can also go to
I found this is a magazine the other day and I asked my mom if she'd like to do it with me! Well, of course she said yes! By the way all this training will lead to you running a 5k not walking, running! I'm sure there is a local 5k going on right know! I encourage you to start the training and get active! See ya later!!!!

Your fav,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My New Original

    I wrote this song two weeks ago! Don't worry I don't relate to it! I don't have a Prince Charming and I don't want one! I do love the lyrics! Comment to tell me your favorite line! Well hope you guys support me in my musical career!



This ain't no fairy tale song just a broken love, just a broken love

Tinker bell come give me some pixie dist cause I need some magic in this love


Come be my frog and I'll be your princess will kiss and will fall in love

Come slip on my slipper prince charming my prince charming

Verse 2

You can be my beast and you will fight for me and make me yours

Please kiss me cause I'm in a deep sleep with out you



Instead when I bite into that apple your not there to kiss me

Instead when I let my hair fall out the side of the castle your not there to climb it

Instead your not my prince charming, prince charming



This ain't no fairy tale song just a broken love, just a broken love

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

       Hey guys! It's me Judi your favorite blogger! Have you heard of the movie Timothy Green? Well, it's coming out on August 15th and I'm dying to see it! It's about a couple you really wants a kid and can't have one. Out of the blue a boy around 10 appears in the garden! The couple takes him in as there own. He's much different than the kids his age and he doesn't fit in, but that doesn't bother him. He keeps trying his best and doesn't seem to care what others think! I'll see ya at the movies!